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Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss AG is a German fashion and lifestyle house, founded in 1924 by Hugo Boss. The company offers multiple fashion and accessory products under the brands Hugo and Boss.

Their first fragrance, Boss Number One for men, launched in 1985. Today, the company produces fragrances in conjunction with Proctor & Gamble Prestige under both the Boss and Hugo brands.

The list below shows all the Hugo Boss fragrances that our users have added, along with the top-rated smell-a-like for each.

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Hugo Boss - Boss Bottled

Smell-A-Like: Lidl - G Bellini X-Bolt

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PRESS REVIEW (10 Oct 2012)

At first, when I sprayed my wrist, the X-Bolt was disappointingly innocuous. I was secretly hoping for some violent whiff of slurry to confirm my hunch that this was all a clever PR stunt.

But no, this was definitely a proper eau de toilette - and one determined not to offend.

Initially, the only scent I could detect was old-fashioned sweet shop: bonbons and barley sugar. Not entirely unpleasant. And then, the undertones started to seep into my nostrils. Frangipani and pears, a sort of poire clafoutis; then came vanilla, not quite the heady scent of Madagascan pods, slightly more the manufactured vanilla you get in an Ambi Pur plug-in air freshener; finally, an aroma of wood, which at a stretch might pass for sandalwood.

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Bonkers about Perfume (23 Sep 2012)

Hey, I have to say that once again I am very impressed. I don't know exactly what notes I am smelling, other than a vague luminously woody ambery quality and a slightly herbal facet, but I do detect a marked resemblance. The main difference seems to be that when you first spray Hugo Boss, it is soft and refined from the off (as men's designer scents go), whereas the Lidl scent is a little brash at the outset, but quickly settles down.

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amad (19 May 2016)

smells exactly like boss bottled. not sure if it last as long but its cheap enough.... who cares. great copy.

m dow (10 Apr 2015)

ed hardy villian is exactly the same

Hugo Boss - Boss Femme

Smell-A-Like: Milton Lloyd - New York Dolls

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James O'Gara (5 Sep 2016)

A beautiful, floral sweet fragrance; if you like this type of scent then it's well worth a try.

Hugo Boss - Bottled Unlimited

Smell-A-Like: JFenzi - Desso Universal Green EDP

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Anonymous (14 Apr 2017)

Wow, great lasts for hours, great smell, great price