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Calvin Klein - CK One


Our users think that the fragrances below smell like Calvin Klein - CK One

A smell-a-like is a perfume that smells like a designer fragrance but with a different name and packaging, and at a cheaper price. A smell-a-like isn't an exact copy, but often smells very similar.

Creation Lamis - Everyone

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Asha al-Baghini (29 Dec 2016)

This is quite possibly the best replica of CKOne that I have yet come across, and the longevity is excellent. The only issue is that the flip-top bottle is big and difficult to handle one-handed.

Milton Lloyd - The Look

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Penny Golightly (25 Jul 2013)

Smells a bit like: CK One, without the distinctive massive lemon hit, and watery accords that slightly edge into lily of the valley on my skin. Very light, unobtrusive fragrance for office and weekend wear, feels ‘clean’ and has moderate lasting power.

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Toddy bj (14 May 2016)

For women or men and well worth every penny so buy now

Bublegum (19 Aug 2014)

One friend has made this fragnance as a gift to me years ago! When I first smell it, it reminded me strongly of CK One. I was surprised to see, almost 10 years later that this was a dupe. It is a good imitation of CK One and I believe that if someone hasn't got a nose for perfumes maybe he won't undestand the difference and the lduration wasn't that long. I could smell the alcohol, but still for 5-6 euros it is decent. Don't forget that perfumes smell different in every person, so someone might actually thought that I was wearing CK One

Dorall Collection - DC One

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