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Cartier - Delices De Cartier
Smell-A-Like: Real Time - Red Picture

Cerruti - Cerruti 1881
Smell-A-Like: Real Time - Time Talks

Dolce&Gabbana - Light Blue
Smell-A-Like: Virtual Brands - Sky Blue

Burberry - Body
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - Stunner

Calvin Klein - Escape

Calvin Klein - Eternity Aqua
Smell-A-Like: Perfume Parlour - Eternal Aqua For Men

Calvin Klein - Obsession

Roberto Cavalli - Just Cavalli
Smell-A-Like: Perfume Parlour - Just Cavalee For Women

Balenciaga - Florabotanica

Giorgio Armani - Armani Code For Women
Smell-A-Like: Poundland - Floral Code

Cacharel - Anais Anais
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - Anabelle

Chanel - Allure
Smell-A-Like: M&S - Sensuale

Chanel - Chance
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - Win Over

Chanel - Cristalle

Dior - Hypnotic Poison
Smell-A-Like: Creation Lamis - Fatal Snake Magical

Dior - Poison
Smell-A-Like: Milton Lloyd - Chacal

Givenchy - Amarige
Smell-A-Like: Jeanne Arthes - Royale Echapade edp

Givenchy - Ysatis
Smell-A-Like: Laghmani - Eternal Romance

Guerlain - Shalimar
Smell-A-Like: Novaya Zarya - Shalilar

Kenzo - Flower by Kenzo
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - Floral Desire

Calvin Klein - CK One

Calvin Klein - Eternity

Davidoff - Cool Water Woman
Smell-A-Like: Omerta - Beach Call

Cacharel - Amor Amor
Smell-A-Like: Alta Moda - Sweet Heart

Ralph Lauren - Ralph

Ralph Lauren - Romance

Yves Saint Laurent - Opium
Smell-A-Like: Milton Lloyd - Kantali

Yves Saint Laurent - Paris
Smell-A-Like: Real Time - Ladiez and Girlz

Calvin Klein - Euphoria

Versace - Crystal Noir

Chanel - Allure Sensuelle

Versace - Bright Crystal

Hugo Boss - Boss Femme
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - Lady Dorall

Nina Ricci - Nina
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - Scarlet Love

Vera Wang - Princess
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - Royal Jewel

Gucci - Gucci by Gucci
Smell-A-Like: Creative Perfumes - Italiano [For Her]

Marc Jacobs - Lola
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - Floweret

Narciso Rodriguez - for her
Smell-A-Like: Omerta - Original Woman

Juicy Couture - Viva La Juicy
Smell-A-Like: Katy Perry - Killer Queens Royal Revolution

Thierry Mugler - Alien

Calvin Klein - Beauty

Paco Rabanne - Lady Million
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - 24 Pure

Carolina Herrera - 212 VIP
Smell-A-Like: Alta Moda - U2

Chanel - Coco Mademoiselle
Smell-A-Like: Dorall - 7th Element Lady

Emporio Armani - Diamonds
Smell-A-Like: Virtual Brands - Diamante

Thierry Mugler - Angel
Smell-A-Like: Black Onyx - Falling Star

Dior - J'adore
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - Danse Douce

Chanel - Coco
Smell-A-Like: Dorall - 7th Element Classy

Paco Rabanne - Ultraviolet
Smell-A-Like: Dorall - Ultra-Mod

Carolina Herrera - 212
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - DC4U

Jean Paul Gaultier - Classique
Smell-A-Like: Fine Perfumery - Revitalise For Women

Dolce&Gabbana - The One
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - The Pride

Gucci - Rush
Smell-A-Like: Rasha - Al-Rehab for women

Chanel - No 5
Smell-A-Like: Real Time - Castanova

Jimmy Choo - Jimmy Choo
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - Just Charming

Calvin Klein - CK Free

Tommy Hilfiger - Tommy
Smell-A-Like: Linn Young - Team Talk Homme

Versace - Eros
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - Dionysus

Roberto Cavalli - Just Cavalli Man
Smell-A-Like: Perfume Parlour - Just Cavalees For Men

Ferrari - Black
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - Checkered Flag

Calvin Klein - CK Be

Calvin Klein - Encounter

Ralph Lauren - Polo

Ralph Lauren - Polo Red

Ralph Lauren - Polo Black

Ralph Lauren - Polo Sport

Carolina Herrera - 212 Men
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - DC4U

Paco Rabanne - Invictus
Smell-A-Like: Dorall - Collection Islanders

Paco Rabanne - Black XS
Smell-A-Like: Real Time - Broken Heart

Chanel - Allure Homme

Dior - Fahrenheit
Smell-A-Like: Milton Lloyd - The Man Cobalt

Calvin Klein - Eternity For Men

Calvin Klein - Obsession For Men

Giorgio Armani - Acqua di Gio
Smell-A-Like: Omerta - Talk of Town

Ralph Lauren - Polo Blue

Hugo Boss - Boss Bottled
Smell-A-Like: Real Time - Sportage Classic

Giorgio Armani - Armani Code For Men
Smell-A-Like: Real Time - Night Canyon

Calvin Klein - Euphoria Men

Narciso Rodriguez - for him
Smell-A-Like: Omerta - Original Man

Dolce&Gabbana - The One For Men
Smell-A-Like: Christopher Dark - Alabama Two

Cartier - Roadster
Smell-A-Like: Real Time - Silver City

Lacoste - Challenge
Smell-A-Like: Perfume Parlour - Challenge For Men

Paco Rabanne - One Million
Smell-A-Like: Omerta - Golden Challenge

Hugo Boss - Boss Bottled Night
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - Director X Blue

Chanel - Bleu De Chanel
Smell-A-Like: Dorall - Collection Fluid Intense

Diesel - Only The Brave
Smell-A-Like: Real Time - Black Warrior

Carolina Herrera - 212 VIP Men
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - DC4U Exclusive

Davidoff - Cool Water
Smell-A-Like: Real Time - Sea Beach

Montblanc - Legend
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - Mystique Legend

Jean Paul Gaultier - Le Male

Viktor & Rolf - Spicebomb
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - Hot Bloom

Prada - Luna Rossa
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - Lunar Eclipse

Dior - Eau Sauvage
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - Twilight Wilderness

Jean Paul Gaultier - Le Beau Male

Gucci - Guilty Pour Homme
Smell-A-Like: La Femme - Galaxy Club

Issey Miyake - L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme
Smell-A-Like: Creative Perfumes - Oriental water [For Him]

Thierry Mugler - A* Men
Smell-A-Like: Real Time - King Sky

Chanel - Allure Sport

Burberry - Brit Homme
Smell-A-Like: Milton Lloyd - Calibre UK for Men

Burberry - Brit Femme
Smell-A-Like: Milton Lloyd - Calibre UK Ladies

Dior - Miss Dior Cherie
Smell-A-Like: Soap and Glory - Original Pink

Houbigant - Quelques Fleurs l'Original

Tom Ford - Black Orchid
Smell-A-Like: Dorall - Dark Flower

Hermes - Terre D'Hermes
Smell-A-Like: Real Time - Sexy Man

Lancôme - Miracle
Smell-A-Like: Real Time - Coup D'amour

Gucci - Envy Me
Smell-A-Like: Real Time - Hurry Up

Lolita Lempicka - Lolita Lempicka
Smell-A-Like: Real Time - Leave My Lover

Ed Hardy - Love & Luck
Smell-A-Like: Attitude - Oriental

Calvin Klein - Eternity Moment

Escada - Moon Sparkle
Smell-A-Like: Fenzi - Escalation Star

Jimmy Choo - Exotic
Smell-A-Like: Perfume Parlour - Jimmy Chew Exotical For Women

Alexander McQueen - My Queen

Aquolina - Pink Sugar
Smell-A-Like: Perfume Parlour - Aqualina Pink Sugars For Women

Balenciaga - Balenciaga Paris
Smell-A-Like: Perfume Parlour - Balencig Paris For Women

Bond No 9 - Astor Place
Smell-A-Like: Perfume Parlour - Astor Palace For Women

Bond No 9 - Central Park South
Smell-A-Like: Perfume Parlour - Centraal Paark South For Women

Bond No 9 - Wall Street
Smell-A-Like: Perfume Parlour - Waalls Street For Men

Bond No 9 - Little Italy
Smell-A-Like: Perfume Parlour - Littles Italy For Women

Burberry - Touch for Men
Smell-A-Like: Milton Lloyd - Calibre Senses

Burberry - Touch for Women
Smell-A-Like: Milton Lloyd - Calibre Senses Ladies

Burberry - Weekend Femme
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - Blissberry

Chanel - Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme
Smell-A-Like: Perfume Parlour - Alurring Extreme For Men

Chanel - Coco Noir
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - 7th Element Classy

Creed - Aventus
Smell-A-Like: Rasasi - Rumz Al Rasasi 9325

Creed - Himalaya
Smell-A-Like: Perfume Parlour - Himalayaas For Men

Creed - Millesime Imperial
Smell-A-Like: Perfume Parlour - Milleseemes Imperial For Men

Creed - Royal Oud
Smell-A-Like: Perfume Parlour - Royal Oudh For Men

Creed - Royal Scottish Lavender
Smell-A-Like: Perfume Parlour - Royaals Scottish Laveenders For Men

Creed - Santal
Smell-A-Like: Perfume Parlour - Santaals For Men

Giorgio Armani - Code Luna Eau Sensuelle
Smell-A-Like: Perfume Parlour - Are-Manis Code Loona Sensual For Women

Hugo Boss - Baldessarini

Hugo Boss - Baldessarini Ambre

James Bond - 007
Smell-A-Like: Real Time - Mise

Jean Paul Gaultier - Le Male Terrible

Jo Malone - Amber & Lavender

Jo Malone - Black Vetyver Cafe

Jo Malone - Blue Agava & Cacao

Jo Malone - Honeysuckle & Jasmine

Jo Malone - Nectarine Blossom & Honey

Joop! - All About Eve
Smell-A-Like: Perfume Parlour - All About Eeves For Women

Justin Bieber - Someday
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - Love Today

Laura Biagiotti - Roma per Uomo
Smell-A-Like: Real Time - Parthenio

Philosophy - Amazing Grace
Smell-A-Like: Exceptional Parfums - Simply Belle

Thierry Mugler - A*Men Pure Havane
Smell-A-Like: Yves de Sistelle - Thallium

Thierry Mugler - A*Men Pure Malt
Smell-A-Like: Perfume Parlour - A Men Pure Malty For Men

Tom Ford - Oud Wood
Smell-A-Like: Aromas Artesanales - The Collection Camile

Victoria's Secret - Bombshell
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - Beau Monde Eternal

Guy Laroche - Drakkar Noir
Smell-A-Like: Alta Moda - Conquer Pour Homme

Calvin Klein - CK Contradiction

Calvin Klein - CK Crave

Calvin Klein - CK Downtown

Calvin Klein - CK IN2U for Him

Calvin Klein - CK IN2U for Her

Calvin Klein - CK IN2U Heat

Calvin Klein - CK Man

Calvin Klein - CK Shock

Calvin Klein - CK1

Calvin Klein - CK1 Shock

Calvin Klein - CK1 Summer

Calvin Klein - Escape for Him

Calvin Klein - Eternity Purple Orchid

Calvin Klein - Eternity Rose Blush

Calvin Klein - Eternity Summer

Calvin Klein - Euphoria Blossom

Calvin Klein - Euphoria Spring Collection

Calvin Klein - Obsession Night

Gucci - Flora
Smell-A-Like: Real Time - My Flower

Hugo Boss - Deep Red
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - Fire in Me

Issey Miyake - Florale
Smell-A-Like: Perfume Parlour - Issi Miyakee Floral For Women

Kenzo - Flower Oriental
Smell-A-Like: Perfume Parlour - Kezno Flower Oriental For Women

Lacoste - L.12.12. Noir
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - Chaste Noir

Paco Rabanne - Black XS for Her
Smell-A-Like: Real Time - Punk

Ralph Lauren - Polo Double Black

Ralph Lauren - Polo Sport for Her

Ralph Lauren - Pure Turquoise

Thierry Mugler - Alien Aqua Chic
Smell-A-Like: Perfume Parlour - Aliens Aquas Chick For Women

Thierry Mugler - Alien Sunessence
Smell-A-Like: Perfume Parlour - Aliens Suns Essence For Women

Britney Spears - Fantasy
Smell-A-Like: Al-Rehab - Sandra

Bvlgari - Aqua Pour Homme
Smell-A-Like: Real Time - Night Blue Mission

Ed Hardy - For Women
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - Damsel in Distress

Ed Hardy - Hearts & Daggers
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - Die for Love

Lacoste - Original

Lancôme - Tre'sor
Smell-A-Like: Laghmani - Eternal Bliss

Ralph Lauren - Polo Green

Azzaro - Chrome
Smell-A-Like: Creation Lamis - Aluminium

Chanel - Allure Homme Edition Blanche

Hugo Boss - Hugo
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - Consul

Valentino - Uomo

Yves Saint Laurent - Black Opium
Smell-A-Like: Real Time - Black Emotion

Lancôme - La Vie Est Belle
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Collection - Lancy

Dolce&Gabanna - Pour Femme
Smell-A-Like: Al-Rehab - Rawan

Dior - Sauvage
Smell-A-Like: Axe - Alaska

Montale - Chocolate Greedy
Smell-A-Like: Al-Rehab - Choco Musk

Creed - Silver Mountain Water
Smell-A-Like: Al-Rehab - Silver

Jo Malone - Mimosa and Cardamom

Jo Malone - French Lime Blossom

Paco Rabanne - Olympea
Smell-A-Like: Real Time - Spartanian Lady

Acqua di Parma - Colonia Intensa Oud
Smell-A-Like: Scented - Colonial Intense Oudh For Men

Jacomo - Jacomo de Jacomo
Smell-A-Like: Al-Rehab - Superman

Marc Jacobs - Decadence
Smell-A-Like: primark emerald

Tom Ford - Tuscan Leather
Smell-A-Like: Creative Perfumes - Italian Hide [Unisex]

Hugo Boss - Bottled Unlimited
Smell-A-Like: JFenzi - Desso Universal Green EDP

Loewe - Solo Loewe
Smell-A-Like: Estiara - Alone

Creed Millesime Imperial
Smell-A-Like: Cosmo - Pride Imperial

Gucci Bamboo
Smell-A-Like: Dorall Everscent

Virtual Brands - Femme

Jean Paul Gaultier- 'Le Male'

Jean Paul Gaultier- Le Male

Ralph Lauren- Polo Blue

Calivin Klein- Euphoria
Smell-A-Like: EAD- Eternal Happiness

Giorgio Armani- Armani Code
Smell-A-Like: EAD- Floral Code

Dior- Poison
Smell-A-Like: milton lloyd Chacal

Ralph Lauren- Romance

Ed Hardy- Original for her

Ralph Lauren- Polo Red

Calvin Klein- CK One

Calvin Klein- Eternity

Calvin Klein- Reveal

Gucci- Gucci Envy
Smell-A-Like: EAD- Enthral

Calvin Klein- Obsession

Ralph Lauren- Ralph Lauren Blue

Vera Wang- Princess
Smell-A-Like: EAD- Her Royal Highness

Eternity- Calvin Klein

Jean Paul Gaultier - Ultra Male

paloma pacasso
Smell-A-Like: Paloma pacasso